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Título: A administração de estoque nas distribuidoras de alimentos de Parintins e sua relação com o método de curva ABC
Título(s) alternativo(s): The stock management in food distributors of Parintins and its relationship with the ABC curve method
Autor(es): Souza, Kélvia
Silva, Magda
Palavras-chave: Gestão de estoque
Planejamento- estoque
controle - estoque
Cruva ABC
Data do documento: 18-Ago-2017
Resumo: Manage merchandise stock it’s know how put the product on the sheif and it’s necessary pay attention in it and this way it doesn’t become itself a rose up cost. In this procedure the storage area represents a high importance and it is the most active way of the organization company groups. Then it is relevant direct the planning and adjusting it in the operations to reach the organizational aims. This search had objective of studying how happens the way of administrating the stock in the management of food companies about ABC Curve, which make help it on the sale policy establishing priority sectors, beyond the product programming and other usual problems in the companies. The applied methodology was quali - qualitative bibliographical search and inductive method. Intend itself make observation if there is absence of technical knowledge of the studied companies about planning and control of stock such as the ABC Curve. It’s so valid demonstrate this way how ABC Curve can be helping the Companies make their analysis and conditions the necessities about items which demand their biggest consumption.
URI: http://repositorioinstitucional.uea.edu.br/handle/riuea/392
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