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Title: Safári ecológico - geométrico
Authors: Benayon, Edney da Silva
Keywords: Construção geométrica prática;Meio ambiente em dobraduras;Interação matemática ambiental;Safari geométrico
Issue Date: 19-Mar-2019
Publisher: Universidade do Estado do Amazonas
Abstract: The Ecological Safari - geometric project was designed to develop teaching practices, it was the involviment students aged 13 to 14 year age from the 7th grade (A, B and C) of the Municipal School Padre Sebastião Luiz dos Santos Puga Barbosa, occurred in three phases with applicability of the environmental theme that started with my participation in the immersion course: The Amazon Forest and its multiple dimensions, Laboratories of Psychology and Forest Management of INPA (80 hours) and with the observation of remodeling activities in the teaching methodologies of mathematics in the classroom during my professional pratice, of the sub-used spaces in the school, of learning objects, modeling techniques, construction of geometric forms, confection of animals of the biome of the forests, so that the experiences of this project gave an interdisciplinary look with the natural sciences and the mathematics, creating real human laboratories within a logical structure of the mathematical thought.
URI: http://repositorioinstitucional.uea.edu.br//handle/riuea/2702
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