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Title: Valoração ambiental da avenida parque no município de Itacoatiara - AM
Other Titles: Environmental valuation of Avenida Parque in the municipality of Itacoatiara - AM
Authors: Abreu, Juliana Araújo de
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor1: Campos, Daniel Ferreira
Keywords: Espaço Urbano;Qualidade de vida;Método de Valoração Contingente
Issue Date: 11-Jun-2019
Publisher: Universidade do Estado do Amazonas
Abstract: Avenida Parque, located in the urban area of Itacoatiara, stands out from the other highways in the city because it has an extensive central building that divides it into two streets. This central bed is characterized by the large number of oitis trees (Licania tomentosa (Benth.)). The objective of this study was to economically evaluate Avenida Parque through the Contingent Valuation Method (MVC), using the Disposition to Pay (DAP) to identify how much the participants are willing to pay for the maintenance of Avenida Parque. Digital information forms, containing open and closed questions sent by social networks Facebook and WhatsApp. After completing the form, the informant resent the answers online through Google Forms. The return of 132 completed forms was obtained. The results showed that 73% of the participants used Avenida Parque in some way and 27% did not use it. Of the people who use it, the majority are female. With respect to the forms of use, it was observed that the avenue is more used by the participants as a space for the practice of physical activity. And the main reasons for not using it are distance and lack of security. The willingness to pay for the maintenance of Avenida Parque was 53%, against 27% who showed no interest whatsoever in paying for their maintenance. The main reasons for the disinterest of the informants were the discredit in the public power and the taxes already paid by them. When applying the Contingent Valuation Method, it is estimated that the average amount of the Disposition to Pay for the maintenance of Avenida Parque attributed by the participants was R $ 16.46 per month and R $ 6,091,680 per year. The factors of devaluation that can influence the citizen to manifest disinterest in the Disposition to Pay for the maintenance of Avenida Parque were the dirt (bird feces and dry leaves) and the lack of security. It was observed that the main factors of valorization of the Avenida Parque are the environmental aspects, due to its large number of trees, which allows a better quality of life; and the aesthetic aspect that takes into account the great scenic beauty of it, being the Avenue the main "postcard" of Itacoatiara.
URI: http://repositorioinstitucional.uea.edu.br//handle/riuea/3111
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